PTE dog with gumball machine capsule with sculpting materials
Star Wars Battle Droid backpack

Realizing how isolated Echo Outpost was going to be, Psyche Out thought it would be best to assign a dog to keep team members company to help with their mental state and moral. At first they wanted to use one of the K9's already on the Joe roster, but as well trained as those dogs were, they couldn't hold up to the necessary confinements and rigors of space travel. Following the Soviet space program, Psyche Out selected several female pound mutts for military training. Those who passed moved onto space training and then whittled down during the space testing phase where the K9's were subjected to a battery of G-force tests, pressurization tests, zero gravity tests, and tight confinement tests. Ultimately, Muttnik was chosen because of her overall demeanor and ease to work with.

Jammer Log Entry - "You haven't seen anything until you've seen Muttnik bouncing along like Pepe LePew as happy and content as anything, but also watchful for any danger that might be lurking. Even in a space suit, she can see and hear better than we can. To say she's been helpful is an understatement. She carries tools and has been a third and sometimes fourth hand to me. I can't imagine doing this work without her."

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