Head: Sabretooth XMO Wolverine
Legs, arms, scabbard and sword: Destro (IG) from comic pack
Upper body: Iron Man
Hands: Star Wars Senate guard
Helmet: Hunter artworks

The final pic is a WIP

Name: McLaren, Labhrann, A.
Birthplace: Scotland
Military specialty: Squadron leader
Secondary Military specialty: Sabotage

Labhrann (means Lawrence in Gaelic) Angus MacLaren, fits every Scottish stereotype; he loves to drink and fight! He earned his nickname when serving in the Scottish army, he was larger than all the other soldiers so they called him 'Big Mac'. When he was offered a job by M.A.R.S. he couldn't refuse - what's better than getting paid a lot of money to start a conflict!

Big Mac does have some 'quirks': he loves military parades and makes sure that his Iron Grenadiers are always in correct uniform. It goes beyond the usual and borders on OCD. Second of all, he considers himself a gourmet, eating and cooking only the finest foods. But any reference to the fast food restaurant which servers the burger that shares his name usually results in broken bones.

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