ROC Heavy Duty - Head
POC Recondo - Torso
ROC Roadblock - Legs
Iron Man Mk I - Arms
Shock Trooper - Sledge Hammer Head
Road Pig - Sledge Hammer Handle

"...and though most of John Henry's early life has become the subject of much debate and folklore, it is known he was responsible for leading the legendary Talcott Rebellion. Talcott, of course, was the location of the first major automoton "uprising." Chesapeake and Ohio Railway had pitted their best steel drivers against new automotons designed to replace the workers. Inspired by Henry's incredible strength and endurance, the men were able to keep pace with the machines. The machines perceived this as a threat to their "jobs," and therefore their purpose and existence. Due to the less regulated programming of the time and before the adoption of the Lovelace Protocols, the automotons came to the conclusion that the execution of the railway workers was part of their current directive.

The slaughter of the workers was swift and would have been complete if not for the leadership, strength, and courage of John Henry. Armed only with his 20 pound hammer, Henry was able to hold off the marauding contraptions until the other workers were able to rally and regroup. Victory came at a price for John Henry; by the time the others were able to join in him in battle, his arms were ruined... muscles torn to shreds and bones shattered. Though he'd saved his fellow workers and their jobs, his life as a steel driver was finished.

Henry now serves as Chief Engineer aboard the Ouroboros, and is fiercly loyal to both Captain Earhart and President Lincoln. He has regained the use of his arms through a set of exoskeletal mechanical braces of his own design, having become obsessed with machinery after the Talcott Rebellion. He harbors an intense mistrust of all forms of automoton..."

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