Street Fighter Sagat - Head (converted to neck ball compatible)
Croc Master - Torso (heavily modified), Upper Arms
Shipwreck - Arms
Resolute Duke - Hands
City Strike SnakeEyes - Legs
ARAH SnakeEyes Nunchuck - Swagger Stick staff
Resolute Cobra Commander Dagger - Swagger Stick head

Created for the 2010 Original Character Custom Contest, I was honored to have this figure win Staff's Choice.

"File Name: Vargas, Sergio
Primary Military Specialty: Drill Sergeant
Secondary Military Specialty: Special Forces Senior Sergeant
Birthplace: Chia, Cundinamarca, Colombia

From Mindbender's assessment: "I half expected the brute to try and eat the Rorschach cards when we began his evaluation. Imagine my surprise that behind his rasping voice and curt, almost monosyllabic speech was a brilliant and cultured mind. He is however narcissistic bordering on sociopathic with cruel, sadistic tendencies. During his evaluation period training recruits the mortality rate has increased substantially, but the results are inarguable... the recruits that do survive his training more than make up for those lost. Projected recuperation of long term investment on each individual recruit has increased phenomenally."

Originally a drill sergeant in the Colombian Army with extensive combat experience, TORMENT was ejected from service due to use of excessive violence in training. Began selling his training services to local rebels and grew to notoriety within the related drug trade for his effectiveness. Recruited by Dark Water International's Venezuelan branch to train local contracted militia and security for oil interests. Fired after his methods brought international attention and criticism to his employer. Began selling his services world wide; confirmed operations in numerous former Soviet republics, Africa, Middle East, etc.

Lost his eye while personally demonstrating new training regimen. Finished the demonstration despite the injury; this unrelenting attitude is one of many contributing factors to his high training mortality rate, and his immense success and effectiveness."

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