All 3 are all Rampart 1990
All guns are G. I. Joe guns

The troop on the left code name Life Support was a doctor who went into the army as a medic. The Joes took him in because he will risk his life to save his wounded men and protect them. He was transfered to the Specialist Squad to be their medic.

The troop on the middle is code named Radio Wave. He went into the army and found his way in communications. He knows tons of languages so other than sending messages to other troops he can speak to natives and translate any documents or translate intercepted messages. He was put on the Specialist Squad because of the different parts of the world they were going to enter.

The troop on the right is code named Specs. He went into the army as a sniper spotter. He is such a good spotter he could see the slightest of things that are unusual. He was put on the squad to help out Low-Light with sniping.

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