Upper half: 25th Cobra Para-Viper
Legs and belt: ROC 'Paris pursuit' snake eyes
Helmet: Snarler cycle Rollbar

M.A.R.S. designed the A.S.P.II to be idiot proof, it is very easy to learn how to operate. However, it takes time to master the vehicle and utilize it effectively in the battlefield.

Very few survive long enough to make effective use of the Mech's strengths. These veteran pilots are truly deadly, working together on the battlefield stalking and ambushing enemy tanks.

Whenever they are unfortunate enough to be deployed as infantry support, A.S.P.II pilots will often charge ahead of Cobra troopers and engage Joe greenshirts directly in combat often trampling them to death. This tactic is very effective as the Mech's armour resists standard infantry weapons and because Joes seldom ever fire upon the Mech with their own heavy weapons so as to avoid hurting their own men.

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