Head : Bombstrike (mod.)
Torso : Baroness (mod.)
Arms : Bombstrike (mod.)
Waist : Bombstrike (mod.)
Legs : Baroness (mod.)
- All Mods made with Predator bits and pieces, and green sculpting.

File card provided by NFC.

Cobra Swamp Fighter

file name: La Fitte, Sylvain Terese
specialty: Wetland Operations
birthplace: Fer-De-Lance, LA
rank: O-2 (Lt.)

Sylvain was raised by her father and stepmother to be a fighter with all manner of bladed weapons. Louisiana State Machete Champion six years running, Southern USA Jiu-Jitsui Tournament winner 4 of 5 years straight, she wears a black belt in it and kung-fu. She is an expert hunter and tracker from her time as a mercenary in Brazil. She tried for a stint in the USMC but in her first assignment following Boot Camp on a field training mission, she was caught killing rats with her flashlight and pinning the carcasses to her bivouac tent on Camp Legune. When confronted by the First Shirt for her depraved behavior, she proceeded to bite the tail off one rat and proclaimed, "life as a hermit in the deep swamps of 'Florida' is more fun!" She was discharged for questionable sanity. Traveled to Brazil and became an expert hunter and tracker, trained as a mercenary.

Interrogator's psychology assessment notes: "She's the much younger half sister of a G.I. Joe but she's everything Cobra recruits for. Apparently her father raised his boy to be a stand-up citizen but he must have raised his daughter to scare off people like that. She would gut me if she knew I was recording her first psyche exam interview and giggle while she plunged the tonfa into my intestines."

- Just wanted to do a character based on the Everglades in Florida.

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