Heads - RoC Baroness/ 25th Ann. CC
Torso/ Arms/ Legs - DVD diver Baroness
Left hand - 25th Ann. Scarlett
Right hand - Legacy Anakin Skywalker
Feet - SW Shadowtrooper
Guns - SW PotF2 Luke Jedi/ RoC Baroness

Code Name: Black Sergeant
Personal Name: Top Secret
Action Force Code Number: None
Primary Military Speciality: Combat Control
Secondary Military Speciality: Shadowdrome security

One of the only officers in Ironblood's ranks that follow by choice and not mental command, the Black Sergeant is a ruthless disciplinarian. She will not tolerate failure in any form, and often executes lower ranks on the spot.

Skilled in all NATO small weapons, and a veteran of several international conflicts, the Black Sergeant is a supremely dangerous individual.

"Don't let her good looks fool you. The Black Sergeant is as dangerous as they come."

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