Head - IM MkI
Torso/ Arms/ legs/ chest plate - RoC Flash
Gun RoC Heavy Duty
Backpack - Roc Gen. Hawk

Code Name: Red Condor
Personal Name: Esteban Rojo
Action Force Code Number: None
Primary Military Specialty: Reconnaissance
Secondary Military Specialty: Laser artillery
Birthplace: San Miguel, Mexico

Esteban Rojo's ancestors were famous gunrunners who operated along the Rio Bravo. It was only fitting that many years later, Rojo found himself working for Tony Stark, a once world leader in weapons technology. After Stark's dramatic halt in weapons production, Rojo found himself out of a job and down on his luck. Embittered and angry, Rojo stole many designs and prototypes, and planned to auction them off to the highest bidder.

Kidnapped and brainwashed by Baron Ironblood, Rojo divulged the information, allowing Red Laser and Red Mercury to perfect and adapt the designs for use in Ironblood's military.

Assuming the codename Red Condor after the sacred bird, Red Condor continues his work as a high tech spy and weapons expert aboard the dreaded Shadow Walker.

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