Head - Hunter Artworks Death's Head (sculpted by me)
Torso/ arms/ thighs - MU Colossus
Lower legs/ feet/ shoulder pads - IM Titanium Man
Skirt - 25th Ann. Serpentor
Axe - Army of Darkness
Mace - Pound shop
Heavy laser - Mecha Hulk
Shield - scratch built
Vulture - Papo

After a battle with the government funded elite law enforcement team Dragon's Claws in the year 8162, Death's Head was thought destroyed after being caught in an enormous explosion.

His deactivated remains were salvaged by the Chain gang's resident technical expert Spratt, who rebuilt him with cutting edge 8162 technology.

Now a time traveling freelance peacekeeping agent for hire, Death's Head has crossed paths with a plethora of famous adversaries.

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