Head- Star Wars Build A Droid YVH-1

Torso, Arms & Legs- ROC Destro

Holster- ROC Destro

Arm Band- WWE Build N Brawl Umaga

Cosmic Cube- Clear Craft Cube Bead

Staff- RAH Sgt Slaughter

Pistol- Captain America Red Skull

From 1933 to 1945 the free world faced it's greatest nemesis! Nazi Germany! Before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the country was engulfed in social and economic turmoil. Backed by the "Nazi Socialist Party", Adolf Hitler, quickly brought Germany out of its depression and back to prominence.

Under the guise of "National Defense", heavy military spending created jobs, ending overwhelming unemployment and restoring prosperity for the common man while building a huge surplus of technologically advanced military hardware. Through alliances with bordering countries and invasion of others, the need for military might was sustained. Thus propagating the need for continued Military production, in the face of opposition.

The new "Nazi Germany" quickly became a new world power. Allowing Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Socialist Party to continue to promote their interests and policies at home and abroad. It also gave credence to the "Hitler Myth" created by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. It basically eluded to the fact that Hitler was all wise and knowing. Since he seemingly, single handedly, saved a country on the brink of disaster. To ensure that the future destiny of German prosperity would be by his doing. As early as 1936. Hitler devised a plan that sounds like it came straight out of a science fiction novel.

Hitler instructed (Nazi geneticist) Arnim Zola to take brain scans and DNA samples from him, Goebbels and the rest of the "German High Command". As well as the leaders of the "Axis Powers". He was also given orders to seek out and collect DNA from the greatest athletes, world leaders, warriors and historical figures alive or dead. The goal was to create a new breed of warrior unlike the world has ever seen. A new warrior for a new empire. One who could carry the standard of the new empire long after the demise of it's human hierarchy. This was the plan Hitler devised to cheat death. Not his death! But the death of his ambitious empire. The empire we know as "The Third Reich".

For 2 years Zola and his special detachment scoured the globe from sporting events to political functions. From tombs to the ruins of ancient civilizations. They left no stone unturned. Zoal even managed to acquire a vile of Super-Soldier Serum from one of his deep-cover agents, Heinz Kruger. Kruger, a former Gestapo agent, was tasked with investigating Abraham Erskine, a defector. Erskine is a German biochemist and physicist who was working on human strength and conditioning. After witnessing the atrocities committed by the new regime in Germany. He contacted the United States for aid in defecting. The United States Army agreed to help him under one condition. That he would use his specific scientific expertise to assist in their training of elite soldiers. He agreed and at that point the Super-Soldier experiment was born.

The alloy used in the cybernetic skull had an adverse reaction to the human tissue that was augmented with Super-Soldier Serum. It rejected the tissue leaving the skull exposed. The radiation further tarnished the highly polished alloy. Changing it to an eerie translucent blood red color.

"The Red Skull" was born!

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