Head - 25th Beach Head
Lower legs - ???
Gun - Corps!
The rest - Pilot Destro

Code Name: Red Titan
Personal Name: Cain Jackson
Action Force Code Number: None
Primary Military Specialty: Heavy Ordnance
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand to hand combat
Birthplace: Austin, Texas

Sought by Baron Ironblood due to his heroic deeds and battlefield experience, Cain Jackson was captured and reconditioned into service with the Red Shadows. Now an engine of hate, Red Titan drives the Shadow Walker in an attempt to crush the free world under foot.

"Another victim of the Black Major. Red Titan is a true fallen hero."

Captured after an epic battle by the Red Torches during an attack on the South Mountain oil field, Jackson was a member of a U.S. army detachment put in place to counter terrorism. A tank commander and heavy weapons specialist with many distinctions to his name, Jackson was hand-picked by Baron Ironblood for processing, then reconditioned by The Black Major to join the Red Shadows and drive the prototype super weapon, The Shadow Walker.

A massive frame combined with standout mixed martial arts expertise makes Red Titan a supreme menace in any way he could be encountered.

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