Head - Montezuma cast
The rest - PoC Elite Viper

I re-purposed this guy as I made Red Mercury V2, and I have another of these coming in the post.

Code Name: Red Phantom
Personal Name: Unknown
Action Force Code Number: None
Primary Military Speciality: Prototype vehicle Pilot
Secondary Military Speciality: Artillery
Birthplace: Unknown

Details are very sketchy about Red Phantom's grizzly visage. AF spies have discovered that he was a test pilot for a Scottish weapons dealer, and was tricked into piloting a flawed prototype rocket. Ironblood's men rescued him from the fiery inferno that claimed his face, and augmented his skull with cybernetic enhancements. Now Red Phantom serves the Red Shadows as he seeks revenge on the entire M.A.R.S. corporation.

"Red Phantom is the ultimate daredevil. He will literally test any machine to destruction."

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