Head: 25th Hawk modded
Torso, rifle: POC Beachhead
Arms: POC Duke
Upper Thighs: ROC Duke
Lower Legs: POC Recondo
Belt: Resolute Shockwave with ROC Elite Viper holster
Pistol: 25th Airborne
Backpack: CRYSIS soldier figure

I remember when Joe Extreme came out. My college roommate came home with one of the figures and I didn't believe it was Joe! I was sorely disappointed with the lack of articulation. But like everything in the 90's, it had to have the Extreme label on it--like something on the Taco Bell X-TREME value menu, it was cheap and you regretted buying it the next day.

Anyway, this was my entry for the 2-weeks challenge for the 2011 celebration, which I started and didn't finish due to workload. But now here he is, Pursuit of Cobra style, my version of the GI Joe Sharpshooter, Ballistic!

I know nothing about this character but I removed the mullet-pulled-into-ponytail and just kept the sideburns to try to modernize him. I followed the original color scheme. I actually think he turned out really nice, he fits in right next to the other POC characters on my shelf. I also like that he's a sharpshooter, not a sniper, makes him seem limited and versatile at the same time.

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