Head, forearms, hands, ammo pouch on chest: ROC Flash
Upper Arms: POC Jungle Viper
Upper torso: ROC Reactive Armor Ripcord
Lower torso: ROC Snake-Eyes
Upper legs: ROC Hawk
Lower legs, feet, forearm guards: POC Firefly
Flamethrowers: Clone Wars R2-D2 leg rockets
Mask: B.A.T. v5 with elastic band
Rifle: CP Beachhead

Sigma Six Firefly was one of the best Sigma-style GI Joes out there. I liked the "heroic" version with the sneer but the "evil" version was by far the coolest Sigma figure made, to me. It was one of around five Sig6 Joes I ever purchased; it's a beauty, and I wanted to make a 4" version for my collection. Here's what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with it and I hope you like it, too. Thanks for checking him out.

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