Head, harness, knife: Resolute Stalker
Torso: POC Skydive
Arms: POC Beachhead
Legs, pistol: 25th Airborne
Rifle: POC Firefly

At a recent convention I bought the Resolute 7-packs, I was interested in the figures, some for my display shelf and some for custom parts. My opinion of the Resolute Stalker, after I got him out of the package, was that he was half a figure. Some parts were strong, but the SE torso and arms had to go, they work for SE but not Stalker, so I built this version instead. I like him a lot better, and a lot of the parts I chose were already green, so there wasn't much painting required.

I know there's a new Stalker coming soon but I think this one holds his own and is a tribute to some of the great parts we've gotten in the Joe line over the last few years.

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