Head: ROC Duke
Helmet: POC Tomahawk
Body: POC Clutch
Body Armor: Ourwar (medic)
MP5K- POC Shock Trooper
SIG Sauer- POC/ROC various figs

Thomas J. Barnes
Former USAF crewman- SAR/Medic/small aircraft mechanic/Fwd Air Observer/Ranger Qualified
Currently working for P.S.I.

Joined the company after an extremely brutal SAR operation was lost to red tape and bad intel.The crewman the mission was launched for was an observer and a close friend. She had been on the run for all of five days non-stop. It was believed she would be in the safe zone on the third day but was ambushed and unknowingly pressed further into enemy held territory.

Backseat's team dropped into LZ and faced heavy fire, but picked up her trail and found her remains 72hrs later.
Her flightsuit was torn to shreds and her head on a pike with a note that read "None shall disturb Cobra!!!" He left the service afterwards and took a job with the company to ensure that the next time he played with the Snakes he would win.

"As far as I see it we go out together, we come back together. No suit in Washington is going to tell me otherwise."

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