Head: MU Spider-Woman w/25A Baroness hair and 25A Dusty goggles
Upper body and arms: SWCW Osaka
Lower Body: SWCW Padme in snow gear
Belt: Asajj Ventress
Sword: ROC Storm Shadow


Ophelia was a Devil's Due character introduced as Snake-Eyes' apprentice. She died. That's about all I know of the character. The images I could find showed her with either red hair in a gi or wearing a black skull cap/slotted visor in a black body suit. I mixed the designs, keeping the red hair, but now with sunglasses instead of goggles and a black bodysuit under a gi-ish top.

Colors & painting:

Painting the lens areas of the face as sunglasses was successful. The hair is multiple layers of reds and oranges, washed with a metallic orange. The rest of the figure is a charcoal/black color set.

Sculpting & modifying:

I filled in the sculpted grooves of the Spider-Woman mask (around the mouth/face area) with several layers of paint. The arms were bulked up to make the proportions somewhat less "animated" in appearance.

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