Vintage Cobra Stinger Driver : Arms, Head, Torso, and waist
Roadblock V2: Legs
Lanard: Medical Kit & Oxygen Tank
Cobra Viper? VZOR61 Skorpion
Paint Pens

This custom was easy to do, and filled a great void in my Cobra ranks. I had a few parts lying around, and had just gotten a stinger driver with busted legs in a lot buy, so I finally paired the parts together, and I thought it made a great look. I used paint pens for the red and black touches. He also has a black cross on the back of his helmet that was applied with the paint pens.

My favorite part of this custom was the card. I loved the tools on here, and the ability to make it similar to the real vintage ones. I have done a few part swap customs, but never submitted them because I do feel they take away from some of the other great talent on this site. Having said that, I have been passionate about getting a good custom cobra medic for a while, and have always wanted to convert a stinger driver since the uniform color stands out against the blue troops (Joes don't shoot). Hope you all like it. Now I am going to troop build more if I can get parts cheap!

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