Whole figure: 6-inch Mortal Kombat Scorpion


...is the phrase where this figure's name is derived from.

Because this was a big figure.

Its been months since I had this figure in my collection, and have been thinking of an idea for it as a custom. The figure has the same articulation and karate moves as the Hasbro Scorpion figure.

Somehow I was playing around with some japanese names, and it turns out, "Kikuras" was really a japanese name, and I went from there.

Basically this custom was made FOR the name, and not the name made for the figure. The name definitely came first.

Anyway, although not intended, the paint job kind of made it turn out looking like one of those Magirangers (Power Rangers Mystic Force), so it brought some laughs.

I made it a Black Dragon member, since I didn't have any customs for that faction yet. A 7-8 foot bodyguard seems perfect for the custom.

And being the Snake-Eyes hater that I am, I included a picture where Imagona Kikuras shows him what he's all about.

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