Head: Copperhead '84 modified with Snow Serpent '85 mouthpiece
Torso: Lightfoot '88
Arms: Falcon '87
Waist: Recoil '89
Legs: Recoil '89

Bazooka: Downtown '89 mortar modified with toothpick and unknown monocle
Missile case: Corps!

Entry for the NJC #59: Human Form Transformers.

Now for this second entry (first one is Soundwave) I wanted to make one that wasn't an obvious choice as the more famous characters. I found a lot of good candidates and ended up with Warpath. Making a human form out of him, I figured it had to be some kind of bazooka guy.

Now it's hard to see the difference, but that really is a Snow Serpent mouthpiece, cut from the original head and glued to the sanded Copperhead head.

For the bazooka I also wanted something original, not just an unmodified one. Downtown's mortar was an easy choice. This weapon quickly became one of my favorite custom weapons from my own creations.

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