Head: Sure Fire v2
Torso: Wild Weasel v3
Waist: Leatherneck v4
Arms, Legs: Python Patrol Major Bludd

Well, to be honest, this custom's matched-up parts came from one of those Midnight Chinese figures I got recently.

I liked it so much, I never took it apart, and displayed him as a nameless Python Patrol trooper.

I wanted to submit some customs today, and picked this figure. Originally it was supposed to be submitted as an LBC, but after retouching the gold paint portions of the figure, I went ahead and applied gold to the silver highlights on the torso and also on the waist.

To further stop it from being a simple LBC, I went and played with the head, and you see the result.

I originally named the figure (the) Constrictor, but seeing that the Python Patrol colors reminded me of coral snakes (with gold substituting for yellow), I researched some, and ended up deciding on the Sgt. Fulvius name, after the scientific family name of coral snakes (because a figure having "Coral Snake" as a name sounded weird).

Anyway, I liked how the figure turned out in the end, so I decided that instead of being a trooper, he should now lead the Python Patrol team.

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