POC Dusty - body entirety...pads & webgear repainted, goggles blacked out, and customized Shemagh
POC - Shockblast head
SCAR Rifle...unknown, but from POC figure.

I have always loved the SEAL's and the lore behind them. Growing up Torpedo was one of my favorite figures, and my first custom was a camo land assault version of him which was a head swap on a Footloose figure. When a buddy of mine sent me the photo of the Team 6 members with the super cool skull masks and gear, I had to make one. I also thought I came up with a great back story for him using both a Team 6 and check your 6 reference for his code name. I did not do so well with the mask painting, so I pulled up his Shemagh for the photos. Hope you enjoy.

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