Head: Repeater v1 heavily modified
Chest: Cutter v3
Arms: Repeater v1
Waist: Gung-Ho v4
Left thigh: Stretcher
Right thigh: Gung-Ho v4
Feet: Tunnel Rat v1

Black helmet with visor: Low-light v5
Submachine guns Baroness v14

Steeler is another figure in the GI Joe toy line never to have been in a unit as far as I know. So I thought I would put the figure into my own Beach-Head's Brigade unit and the figure looks really good. As you can see I've tried again in doing a forehead with hair but not very well.

General Hawk's files:
Which other tank commander are me and Beach Head going to put into Beach-Head's Brigade who has the experience on the battlefield and also has taken on and beaten Hiss tanks nearly becoming K.I.A. Steeler has told me he likes nothing better then to watch a Hiss tank go up in flames.

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