Head & Torso - SDS
Arms - Baroness
Hands - RoC Baroness
Upper Right Leg - Helix
Upper Left Leg - RA Scarlett
Knees - Cobra Viper
Lower Legs - Helix
Feet - RoC Scarlett

I, like many people, did not get an SDCC Zarana. My plan to get one fell through when I had to pay my savings plus some for a vet bill the weekend right before the convention. I tried that morning on HTS when the incident happened. I started this custom that afternoon. I started with the legs, the helix one I left, the reactive armor one I smoothed out with sculpting putty and then I worked on the hole in the jeans. The knee swap on this one gave me a huge problem for some reason but I'm happy with the finished result.

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