Head: Star Wars young Moff Tarkin
Torso: Indiana Jones with white shirt
Arms: Indiana Jones with brown jacket
Skirt: Duke Ver 19
Leg: Indiana Jones with white shirt

I always wondered why Dr Venom was never made. He was such an instrumental bad guy early in the GI Joe universe. I'm guessing Hasbro didn't think kids would want another old guy without any guns. It was such a shame too.

Like many Joe customizers, I always thought the character looked like Tarkin. I was really excited that Hasbro was finally getting to this character but was disappointed with the choices they made for the toy, as well as the incredible cost. He will go on my "someday" list.

I can't believe Hasbro painted on a tie. My custom has a molded putty tie. He also has molded shirt and jacket collar. I was very picky on insisting he have the short white lab coat instead of Hasbro's choice of including a white version of Monkeywrench's coat. Yeeesh.

I also wanted to make the Young Tarkin head look even younger so I molded on some more hair on the front.

I molded some buttons on his lab coat as well so they would take paint better.

I am not totally happy with the belt on the skirt. It was molded on the vinyl skirt and I opted not to remove it.

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