ARAH Parts:
Head: Thrasher (modified)
Chest: Dusty V3
Arms: Rock 'n Roll V2
Waist: Capt. Gridiron?
Upper Legs: Bazooka V3
Lower Legs: Mainframe

Helmet: 80's Joe Knock-off Line
Pouch on chest : cut from ROC Ice-Viper coat
Rifle: ROC Ice-Viper
Pouch on hip: cut from ROC Para-Viper harness
Backpack: Roadblock (accessory pack)
Flare Mortar: Doc (accessory pack)


This is another figure I can blame on Jamar Miller.

The parts are busier than the original figure's original design, which had a blank chest with no webgear. However, as a medic, Doc would drag around a lot of equipment making the webgear necessary. This figure, unlike the original, has gloves. Even in the early 80's someone at Palitoy might have noticed that the medic wasn't wearing gloves. The helmet, which is closer in design to American WWII era helmets than modern kevlar ones, looks more like contemporary British helmets than other figures' helmets do.

Colors & Paint:

Green trousers and t-shirt with a white vest marking Doc as a medic. Fairly close to the original figure. The Thrasher head, taken from a parts lot, had a damaged area on the face below the eye. Instead of repairing it, I painted it as a scar. The original figure's boots were black, so I used black for the webgear on this figure. A medium green is used for details. The flare mortar, when painted with green/black/red, looks more interesting than the flat molded grey. The medical cross on the helmet was cut from a red sticker.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The massive hair was removed from Thrasher to accommodate the helmet. I also added the chinstraps, as the helmet is glued in place anyway. I don't think this character (unlike the American Doc or Lifeline) is a pacifist, but I removed the grenades from the chest to make room for another medical gear pouch.

Thanks for looking.

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