Head: Sci-Fi V1
Torso: Sci-Fi V1
Waist-Piece: Voltar
Legs: Voltar
Arms: Voltar

Epoxy to hide the face.

Enamel Paint.

Viper Gunners solve the problem of lack of personnel to operate the weapons of HISS units I and II, providing the infantry with some personnel and some protection shielding CBR.

They fight in any place that Cobra has business. They have all the training of Viper Infantry School on Cobra Island and gain expertise in jungle warfare in Sierra Gordo and prepared for the desert territory of Benzheen. Learn clash of European theater in Transcapatia and are exposed to the swamps on Dreadnok premises in Australia and New Zealand. Incursions in Antarctica prepare them for Arctic combat. Unfortunately, they are deficient in urban combat, needing to be led by Alley Vipers. The new teathers of war make HISS Drivers and Viper Gunners a team very united.

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