Head and Axe - Slayer Design Studios
Torso - Major Bludd
Arms - Croc Master
Legs - 25th Firefly
Sword, Shield, Spear - Army of Darkness

I had the idea for this guy when I first saw the head. It seems like a natural fit for a Dreadnok recruit. I was finally inspired to make him as an entrant for the second installment of Daremo's great Kumite custom tournament. I tried to make him look as much a part of the original Dreadnoks as I could, using a similar mix of shades to make the blue jean effect and so on. I thought this custom was a little too simple for Daremo's tournament so I added a freehand tattoo on his left arm that reads as 'Dreadnok' in runes. It didn't work too well, but I'm glad I tried something new.

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