Headgear - VvsV Dusty
Head - POC Zartan with fodder monocle
Torso/Legs - 25th Cobra Desert Pack
Upper Arms - WWE
Lower Arms - 25th Destro
Jet Pack - ROC Hawk with blasters from Spy Troops Depth Charge's sea skimmer.

Blitzwing was one of two entries in my first and so far only NJC, with the theme of Transformers characters in human form. I'm not a giant TF fan these days, but I thought this was a great idea and combed through image databases looking for cool characters to translate. I had a giant list that was whittled down to two, at least for the time being. He was one of the few G1 figures I had as a kid, and I enjoyed the new look and personality they've given him. So I sought to capture something of that in my translation. As with Skywarp, I'm adding Blitzwing to my Cobra ranks.

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