Head, Arms, Upper Legs, Arrow Quiver-TRU exclusive Spirit
Lower Arms-POC Recondo
Torso-Shipwreck (modded by adding pouches to belt to built up the bulk and knife holster)
Lower Legs-Duke (modded by sculpting the sides of the boots to make them thicker)
Knee Pads-not sure I cut and dremeled them off another figure.
Helmet-BBI figure dremeled out to fit head
Vest-Gung Ho
Knife-POC Duke (added strip of thin flexible plastic and ran that from under the portion of the belt I sculpted so that the holster could move)

I wanted to update some of the JvsC era figures and considering Dart was one of the best proportioned and sculpted of that era he was one of my favorites.
Obviously, Hasbro has made tremendours strides in what they can do and the effort they have been putting into the new 25th, POC, and 30th figures, so I wanted to do an update to Dart with modern day figure parts.
I got rid of the eagle "bling" that the original had because I thought it was amazingly stupid and instead went for a more "down in the mud" type of soldier.

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