Head: Outback '87
Torso: Wild Bill '92
Arms: Falcon '87
Waist: Topside '90
Upper legs: Sagat '94
Lower legs: Dusty '91

Hat: Sgt. Slaughter '89
Backpack: Repeater '88
Stick: from some bush in our garden

I made this one for a contest where the subject was: Where are they now?
"Create a version of an existing JOE or Cobra Character (from the 1982-1994 line) that is still active in the JOE or Cobra organizations in some way. How do they look today? What is their primary function in their respective organization? Have they suffered injuries, gained new skills or changed their appearance?"

I came up with Outback, the Scout Leader:
Outback got older over the years, found out the numerous heavy and dangerous missions were getting more difficult for him to cope with and decided it was time for a new generation of Joes to fight Cobra. After a deliberation with General Hawk he joined the Boy Scouts of America as a senior survival expert, ranked as Scout Leader. It's actually a undercover recruiting job: Outback still works for the Joes, but now visits boy scout groups all over the USA to look for possible new survival experts among the teenagers. He tries to find out if the army is a suitable place for them and makes a list of those who are talented enough and are willing to join the army. Together with Sgt. Slaughter they keep track of them in their army careers and in the end they select only the few best of them enter the G.I. Joe training camp.

This is my older version of Outback: grey hair with some white highlights, a tanned skin and crowsfeet. I made some thin cuts next to the eyes to make the crowsfeet, but those are difficult to see in the pics.

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