Head-BBI modded to fit on ball joint
Torso-25th Gung Ho (heavily modded and sculpted the entire waist section by sculpting baggier pants and then the upper belt.
Upper Arms-25th Crimson Twin
Lower Arms-various 25th anniv. figures (sculpted watches)
Upper Legs-25th Beachhead (sculpted knife section on right leg leading down to 25th knife holster-sculpted oxygen tank on left leg)
Lower Legs-25th Duke (sculpted bigger boots to the legs to make them more closely resemble the original figure).
Feet-POC Beachhead
Hat, Belt-BBI modded belt
Vest-25th Mutt (heavily modded removed most detail on holster side-then added holster and radio-also added pouches on knife on right side)

I don't know what it is about Muskrat but I loved this figure as a kid. I wanted to do a pretty faithful copy of the classic figure and went for that looks strongly with this figure.

To get the look I wanted I had to alter a lot of parts through sanding and sculpting. I was planning this figure for a little over a year but when it finally came together I made him in less than a day.

One of the things I wanted to get across was the really strong military feel of this guy. He had a strong relation with the look of Vietnam soldiers and I wanted to capture that with this modern version but also update him a little bit.

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