Head, hands: 25A Dusty
Torso, upper arms: ROC Ice-Viper
Lower arms, legs, feet: Paraviper
Tac Vest: Resolute Beach Head


Another "Now a Joe" figure, this time of MASK's apparent 2nd in command, Bruce Sato. The parts continue my trend of not duplicating the exact look of the original figures, but showing lots of recognizable tributes to them. I was very tempted to modify a SW Baron Fel (Tie Fighter Pilot) Helmet to be Sato's Lifter mask. However, I stuck to my guns and did away with the mask altogether as I've done with all my other MASK / Venom converts.

Colors and Painting:

Modeled after the original figure, but with a more subdued orange. Bruce Sato was my favorite mask figure as a kid, probably because the color set (even with the orange) didn't seem too far removed from the GI Joe landscape. Instead of making this figure as "clean" as my other mask figures, I went with a slightly more worn look, particularly on the uniform itself.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added the wave of hair across the forehead and cut the fin-things off of the forearms.

Thanks for looking.

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