Base Figure: Iron Man Hulkbuster
Head: ROC Star Viper (Cast)
Wepaons: Misc ROC spring loaded

A new Millennium, a new Model.

Version 1 of the Battle Armored Android Trooper took the basic B.A.T. design and logic circuits, added a huge amount of armor, maneuvering jets, and a large missile weapons system. During the '90's this thing was a terror in close orbit, ravaging satellites and other orbital installations when Cobra unleashed it.

The 2.1 model offers larger size, more maneuverability, greater orbital endurance, heavier weapons systems, and increased logic capacity. In the past, Cobra would deploy a B.A.A.T. from an orbital vehicle that would intercept the targeted spacecraft and completely destroy it. With its increased logic and decision matrices, the 2.1 can be used more surgically to board and do specific damage (i.e. damage life support or engine systems, capture computer cores, etc....) prior to a team of Astro-Vipers boarding and capturing.

"Space is the new high ground" - Wild Weasel (Orbital Attack Expert)

I started this for the Star Brigade Redux Group Project, but was unable to complete before I deployed.

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