Head: IJ Henry Jones, Sr.
Upper body, upper arms: SW Baron Fel
Lower arms: IJ German Soldier
Waist, legs: IJ Indiana Jones
Vest: ROC Heavy Duty (in fatigues)
Arm device: Accelerator Suit ROC Duke


Another "Now a Joe" figure. The Henry Jones, Sr. head and Baron Fel upper body came together while making a Trent custom. The Indiana Jones' waist/legs were the perfect companion parts, even if they lack any knee articulation. As with my Brad Turner and Vanessa Warfield customs, my goal wasn't to replicate the original looks, but to use them as starting points for newer designs. In this case, I went partially with Kenner's more obscure 2nd version of Alex Sector. As with my other MASK figures as Joes, I opted to not include a mask to establish the figure as a Joe.

Colors & Paint:

There have been some perfect Alex Sector figures. 99% of which are based on the much better color scheme of the 1st version of Alex Sector: a light grey vest over a blue sweater atop brown slacks. That's a solid color set, but it's been done already. And, as I used already brown Indiana Jones legs, I thought it better to go with grey pants to hide them as much as possible. Instead of using the 2nd version color set (mustard vest over grey jumpsuit with purple undershirt), I pulled from both versions. I used grey for the pants/shirt, blue for the sweater vest, light grey for the outer vest, and brown for the turtle neck.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I extended the length of the beard. The upper and lower bodies were modified at the post to fit better. I removed the edges of the collar so that the vest would sit lower on the shoulders. The elbow joints were taped over and smoothed at the edges. Because of the elbows, I had to cut the vest's sides to get in on the figure and then repair it once in place.

Thanks for looking.

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