SDS Head
Recondo body and legs
Zartan Resolute lower arms
Neo Viper upper arms
Duke backpack and gun.

I don't see Hasbro making a mainstream Metal head figrue any time soon. He seems to have been forgotten. The last time he got any love was from the GIJCC and that was back in 2005. So I've been looking at the Recondo body for a while thinking to myself "That's Metal Head".

When I got a grab bag order from Slayer Design Studios it had a Metal Head piece in the lot and I knew it was time I followed up on the Recondo body.

A trade done on these boards got me the body I needed and after a rit dye job and arm swapping, follwed by some touch up paint, I got my Metal Head. The best part is since it's a dye job, the figure is totally safe to play with.

This is now my favorite figure I've made. I hope you guys dig it as well.

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