Head: Thor movie figure
Rest of Body: Renegades Duke
Vest: Renegades Duke modded with various BBI pouches and a canteen, satcom made from anime figure chaff.
Rifle: Resolute Scarlett
SMG: ROC Baroness

FILE NAME: Max Corey
BIRTHPLACE: Quitman, Arkansas
RANK: E6 (Staff Sergeant)

Staff Sergeant Max Corey is the Joe Team's primary gunsmith and a marksmanship instructor with the training cadre.

A former Delta Force Operator, he lost most of his left leg below he knee on a mission in Afghanistan but refused to even consider leaving The Unit. After being fitted with an advanced prosthetic leg and a year of physical therapy, he proved himself more than qualified to rejoin Delta. His unrelenting determination and skill as a sharp shooter caught the attention of Hawk and he was selected for GI JOE.

A self-described hesher with long, scraggly hair and an enormous collection of black metal t-shirts, Hollow Point takes the relaxed grooming standards of The Unit to an extreme. Despite his crusty appearance, he is an extremely disciplined, professional soldier and an excellent instructor who uses his own life experiences as an example to help bring out the best in his students. He and Beachhead have an odd friendship based around a mutual respect for each others capabilities, a mutual distaste for each others musical preferences and a shared love of dragging candidates through the sheer hell of trying out for one of the most elite counter-terrorist units in the world

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