Head, chest, back: Bombstrike
Upper arms: SWCW Obi-Wan Kenobi (in space suit)
Lower arms: Resolute Baroness
Lower legs: NS Baroness
Waist, upper legs: NS Scarlett


Continuing my "Now a Joe" run, Gloria Baker was MASK's balance to Venom's Vanessa Warfield. The design this figure is roughly based off of was seen only in the cartoon and never as an action figure. The Gloria Baker figure Kenner did release is too similar to Pilot Scarlett to bother making a custom of it. While the New Sculpt figures are not as dramatically/heroically proportioned as the 25A run or even as real world proportioned as the ARAH line, some of the figures can still be coaxed into making serviceable customs. In this case, the arms are a smidge long, but the figure still works.

The parts used here aren't a perfect match for the cartoon design, but like my other MASK customs, create an approximation of it.

I lucked out with the arms, which were the leftover/byproduct of my Goldie Hawk custom. I disguised the wide shoulders of the Bombstrike head/chest by combining them with the shoulder padded upper arms of the Obi-Wan Kenobi figure and then painting the edges of the shoulders to match the padding.

Color & Painting:

More or less following the green/yellow/blue color set seen in the MASK cartoon. I didn't even bother with trying to militarize the color set. With the addition of the shoulder and knee pads, not in the original cartoon design, I needed an additional color. I took the burgundy used for the boots and expanded it to cover the pads and belt.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Obi-Wan arms hung too far out the sides of the shoulder sockets. I dremmelled out the sockets to deepen them, and then used wire wrapped around the t-shapes of the plug-in part of the arms to keep them in place.

To add the zipper in the vertical center of the chest, I carved a small valley and then laid a strip of copper wire in it.

Thanks for looking.

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