Head and arms: Salvo
Torso: Tripwire
Waist and thighs: Snake Eyes v. 4
Feet: Space Shot
Catcher's gear: McFarlane Play Makers Ivan Rodriguez
Bat: Knock off wrestler
Smoke Grenade: Marauder Inc.

Boil and popped all catchers gear and dremeled to fit figure. Everything is painted except for the printed decals. The line beard is based on what several friends suggested as being the doucheiest type of facial hair. The uniform is the New York Mets' alternate road uniform. I also tried to mimic the fading metallic blue on the catcher's helmet that the Mets' batting helmets have.

David "The Laser" Lazerwitz was a 1st round can't miss catcher prospect for the New York Mets. His defense behind the plate, sweet natural swing, and of course his laser gun of an arm, bolted him through the minor leagues. Just when he made it the show, he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and landed in the Mitchell report. After his suspension, the Mets called him up again, but he started struggling. During one particularly bad stretch the manager tried to pinch hit for him with a defensive replacement mid way through the game. Lazerwitz lost it and threatened to choke the manger on the field in front of the whole stadium. That inning, with a hard single and a runner on third, there was a play at the plate and for the first time in MLB history the Laser became the first catcher to slide in cleats first to block homeplate. In the resulting benches clearing brawl, it took nine players and seven security guards to
finally get the ejected Laser off the field. The Mets released him even before ESPN had the chance to run the replay. No other team came calling. No college or even high school would accept his resume for so much as a water boy.

That is when he discovered the under ground fighting circuit scene. No rules. Just fight, win, and get paid. He jumped at the chance to enter the Kumite. He isn't in it for the notoriety, or to prove anything to anybody. He is only in it for the prize money.

Fighting Style: Street Brawler
Weapons: Spiked baseball bat, doctored baseballs, and sharpened spiked cleats.

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