Head - Resolute Comic Pack Shockblast
Upper Torso/Upper Arms - Hazard Viper
Lower Torso/Lower Arms - Resolute Cobra Trooper
Hands - City Strike Snake Eyes (Resolute)
Legs - Pit Commando
Vest/Webgear - Pit Commando
Chest Holsters - Shockblast
Vest Pouches - Shockblast, Hazard Viper, Resolute Trooper
Vest Grenades - 25th Anniv. Viper
Scarf - Resolute Comic Pack Pilot Destro
Knee Pads - Pit Commando Vest (originally shoulder pads)
Leg Canisters/Grenades - Shockblast
Goggles - Star Wars Sandstorm Luke Skywalker + Shockblast gasmask (to extend strap)
Pistols - Hazard Viper
Rifle - Pit Commando
Gas Tank - Bravo Team military 1:18 scale figure + peg from City Strike Snake Eyes backpack
Bolt Cutters - Bravo Team military 1:18 scale figure

This is my first custom. It didn't really require any sculpting, but there was a lot of cutting, gluing, and painting. I had a lot of figures I didn't particularly want anymore, and rather than just have them take up space in a closet I thought I would utilize them for a custom figure. I chose the Hazard Viper torso because i liked the arms, but it ended up being a bad idea thanks to the pencil neck, bright orange color, and large leg holes to accommodate his baggy pants. Still, since I liked the arms I went with it. I had to replace the lower arms because the paint wouldn't stick to the elbow joints, and the scarf hides the pencil neck well.

I always liked the chest holsters on the Joe Vs. Cobra and Valor Vs. Venom Firefly, so I included them here. I also liked the goggles of the Sideshow 1:6 scale figure (and SpyTroops Sgt. Hacker Firefly disguise) so I included some round goggles. I also used the Spy Troops gear as inspiration for the color scheme. Anyway, hope you enjoy my first Joe custom!

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