Parts List:
Head: Track Viper
Torso and arms: Overkill v2
Waist and legs: Corps! astronaut
Gears: Damaged old clock and from spring action figs.

The next MOTU character that I've integrated in my Joeverse, the heroic robot warrior: ROBOTO.

Roboto is the GI Joe robot response to the Cobra BATs. It was made by Joe scientific code named Duncan, he worked previously at the Office of Scientific Investigation (O.S.I.).

Roboto was made of leftover parts of other robots that were replaced by "nuclear" implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above BATs norms. Additionally he is equipped with equal or better armament than his adversaries.

I was lucky to have a 80s Secret Wars gun for all these years It was good to have a spare 25th claw at hand and that it attached without any modification. I had to sand a lot the torso carefully to leave the screw section intact. There is space for a LED bulb, something I may try later.

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