Head: 25th Viper, General Patton Helmet, Cobra ParaViper Kibble
Torso: 25th RoC Cobra Commander, Wraith Armor
Arms: 25th Eel
Legs: 25th Viper
Cloak, Sword, Laser Pistols: 25th Cobra Commander
Belt: Cobbled 25th Web Gear

This wass my entry into Robert Atkins Custom Challenge - my take on his new Cobra Commander design.

I tried to keep a little connection to the other iterations of CC (with the sword & laser pistols.)

I debated trying to get the fangs on the faceplate (one of my favorite features) - but after seeing what the previous entries had accomplished, just bailed on it. I totally forgot I was going to paint in grills on the 'cheek' pieces.

The day I decided to use the Wraith armor (for the arms, too) - Raptor posted his virtual custom, almost listing my version here completely!

In the end I decided to bail on the Wraith arms/armor, and went with Eel instead. The helmet is one of those Patton figure helmets, with some ParaViper pieces cut & glued on.

I forgot to mention - the one thing I did on this custom that I've never done before is use Mod Podge Satin as a protective sealant -- it took overnight before I felt confident that it wasn't going to remain tacky - but so far so good.

Even though I didn't win the contest (please check it out on joecustoms.com - there were many awesome entries,) I had fun participating, and as the last photo shows, Mr Atkins rewarded all contestants - Thanks again, Robert Atkins!

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