Head: Desert Crimson Guard
Body: Tiger Force Duke
Legs: RoC Storm Shadow
Coat: Killuminatti

This was my entry into the Custom Celebration VI Two-Week Figure challenge. The construction diary went a little like this:

"Day One: Picked a character, started gathering parts. I'm also fairly sure I can get the bonus challenge part worked into my custom + dio + photo ... maybe. When I saw this picture in the latest GIJCC Magazine, I saw this figure in 1:18 ... now I just need to make it happen ... ! Mike Power !"

"Day Two:
started today by sending my ol' friend Rogelio C. some money....lost out on the Chuckles ebay auction... decided to just start from fodder.."

"Day Three, found a broken IG88 figure to use as fodder. Kind of a stupid day three."

"Day Four : I decided I don't care about Dr Michael Power at all. I'm switching characters ... to Arnim Zola!"

Lance Sputnik: "I thought it had to be a GI Joe character?"

"I thought you had to shut up?

edit: does it?

edit: CRAP! it does!"

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