Body, Legs, Head - Princess Ardella Buck Rogers Figure
Arms - Buzzer Comic Pack

I painted blue eyes and the beads on the body as well as red nails on the hands.

Queen Nefertiti is a descendant of ancient Egyptian royalty. When the last dynasty collapsed the pharaoh and his family fled into the Egyptian desert to avoid being killed by their former subjects. Now almost 2300 years later his daughter and son have emerged from hiding to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs. Possessing the knowledge of the ancients and the powers of the Book of the Dead and the Book of the Living, they have been working with Cobra to subjugate humanity and enslave the world. For their part they were promised the lands that used to make up ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Queen Nefertiti is cold blooded and ruthless having killed her older sister as a child in order to lessen any family rivalries. Currently she is sharing ancient technology that is being manipulated by Dr. Mindbender to create modern biological weapons that GI Joe has no defense to combat. If their evil plot works soon they will begin the 32nd Dynasty and most brutal reign the world has ever seen. In order to aide Cobra in their plot for world domination, Queen Nefertiti has given them use of the last built pyramid that remains hidden to this day. Now branded as Cobra Pyramid it serves as the perfect place for Dr. Mindbender and Nefertiti to develop biological weapons that will bring devastation to GI Joe and the world.

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