Head, Body and Legs - Draconian Guard Buck Rogers Action Figure
Arms - Comic Pack Snake Eyes

I found the lack of mobility in the 1970s Buck Rogers figures not usable for my GI Joe universe so I replaced thim with comic pack arms.

The Anubis Warriors have been the royal guards for Pharaohs since the 1st Dynasty. Since the long lost descendants of the ancient royal family have joined Cobra in an evil plot to enslave the world so have their protectors. The Anubis Warriors are excellent cavalry being proficient with horses or their preferred transport camels. On camel back they can maneuver a battlefield picking off targets and wreaking havoc on their foes. Highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat they are equally deadly on foot.

They are entrusted with guarding the last pyramid built by the ancient Egyptians that is still undiscovered to this day. Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti have agreed to let their fortress be used by Cobra as they develop the worst biological weapons the world has ever seen. Now called Cobra Pyramid this hidden base is the perfect place to hatch the evil plots and house their new allies Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender. If the evil plot works soon they will begin the 32nd Dynasty and most brutal reign the world has ever seen.

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