Helmet - GI Joe RoC Ripcord
Head / Hands - MU Cable
Body - MU Gladiator
Left Shoulder Pad - MU Cable
Right Shoulder Pad / Badge / Gloves / Boots / Belt / Kneepads - 2000 AD Judge Anderson 6"

After bringing the Wheeled Warriors to the Joeverse I had an idea for another custom I had been wanting to tackle - Judge Dredd.

Still doing some minor tweaks and in person, the hands match the gloves almost perfectly.

Officer Joseph Dredd, a motorcycle cop for the Miami Police Dept., had made a traffic stop on the Dreadnok Torch shortly after he had fled a smash and burn at a local business killing several occupants. Torch tried to flee and Dredd ended up using force to stop him, handing the 'Nok a beating. Torch ended up getting off on a technicality. His first order of business upon release was revenge. He paid off a clerk in the MPD for the address of Dredd. One night while Dredd was on duty he paid a visit to his home burning it to the ground with his wife and daughter still inside. Upon arriving at the scene, Dredd swore revenge on all the Dreadnoks. Tired of the flaws in the Justice system he claimed himself Judge Dredd - A one man judge, jury and executioner.

Now Judge Dredd rides his cycle down whatever road leads him to a 'Nok and he will not stop until this gang is extinguished!

Judge Dredd is sought as a recruit of Slaughter's Marauders.

What started out as a hybrid actually ended up being as comic accurate as I could get him. I originally was going to go Judge Dread in this verse as a Dreadnoks ref, but went back to Dredd as I went more true comic format.

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