Parts include:
SDS Ambush head
Resolute Duke 7 pack forearms
the rest is PoC Dusty
Gear is modified Arah gear.

I've been experimenting with customizing webgear, by chopping, splicing, and gluing various bits and pieces to other things to try to make something unique. This is the result of an old VvV Dusty webgear, with a 25th Duke bandolier with an added pouch. Upcoming figures have some more intricate ones that took awhile to make, this one was fairly straightforward. I think the eyes came out ok, although the sculpt is squinting, or mean faced. Holding it in my hands, it looks decent, but some of the pics I had taken made them look huge. These are the best pics.

One of several customs mean to fill in the gap of figures not manufactured by Hasbro.

As the Joe Team's resident concealment specialist, Ambush prefers to work alone. Few could reach his level of sneakiness and camouflage technique. Anyone else who goes with him will just give his position away. He honed his skills since he was a little boy, such that by age ten, he was able to put up a convincing camouflage for his hiding place. A simple game of hide-and-seek turned into an incident that caught the attention of the National Guard.

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