Mostly PoC Shadow Tracker with:

Renegades Duke torso
PoC SS neck wrap
SW Quinlan Vos Belt/tunic
MU Taskmaster Bow/quiver modded
Slayer Machete

My second version of this character, this time my focus was really on having his head be able to have full range of motion at all times. To achieve this, I used a torso from renegades Duke, I added a matching knife, gave him an old slayer machete, and utilized the bow and arrow set from the MU Taskmaster. His tunic/belt is from a SW Quinlan Vos, neck wrap from a SS, and feet from a Serpentor. Lastly I sculpted over the hole in his left leg to match, trimmed his legs so that he could actually stand up straight (I hate it when figures can't straighten their legs) added a bow string with fishing line, modded the quiver to attach on the back of the belt, and added a clip for the machete. Hope you guys like this interpretation of him!

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