Head: JvC Dart
Upper Torso: Tunnel Rat
Lower Torso: Viper modified
Arms: JvC Dart modified
Waist and thighs: JvC Dart
Lower Legs: Steel Brigade Delta
Vest: PoC Zartan

Originally I was planning to use the Spirit from the Slaughter's Marauders 7-pack as my Spirit and put the JvC Dart head on my PoC Spirit and call that Dart but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to go all out with him. The Tunnel Rat torso is rather scrawny so I ended up using the Viper lower torso to beef it up a bit and sculpted some additional bits onto the upper torso to look like the sleeves were torn off his shirt. I also chose this figure to experiment and see if I could successfully mod newsculpt style arms to work on a 25th style torso including giving it swivel wrists and hiding the rivets. The wrists don't look the best but they're functional which makes me happy enough. I'm also pleased how my efforts to hide the rivets turned out too. As a side effect of using the JvC thighs together with the SB Delta lower legs, he's much taller than his JvC figure is.

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